Why your company needs a podcast show

A podcast, who doesn’t listen to podcasts these days? Whether you want to listen to them because you want to relax, or because you want to develop on a personal level, everything is possible. The great advantage of a podcast is that you can listen to them whenever you like; while riding your bike, while cooking, or stretched out in the sun in the garden. But how cool would it be if people listen to a podcast about your business during these moments!

What is a podcast? IPod + Broadcast = Podcast.
A podcast is an audio broadcast in which the sound file can be played whenever you want. Thanks to the introduction of the portable MP3 player, this form of broadcasting quickly became popular among radio amateurs. The term “podcast” was born. It is a contraction of the words “iPod” and “Broadcast”. So you can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever you like.

Why start a podcast for your organisation?
With a podcast, there are a lot of different possibilities. You can go in any direction you want. Whether you want to talk about news, politics, music, culture, sports, health, comedy, or lifestyle. A podcast is always a good tool to add to your marketing mix. But why is it such a good choice? And why do people like to listen to podcasts? A study by Markteffect Podcast Monitor of May 2021 shows that the main reason why people listen to a podcast is relaxation (60%). Listeners also like to follow interesting people (31%) or to keep abreast of the news (38%).

The same research shows that 25% of all Dutch people who listen to podcasts do so for business purposes. They want to be updated about developments in their profession and find inspiration. These listeners are often successful professionals, highly educated, graduated, or entrepreneurial, and are often very loyal and have buying power. This makes making a business podcast very interesting for companies. But this business podcast has to be relevant, innovative, inspiring, and professional because you have to be able to keep the attention of the smart audience.

Biggest benefits as a company
In addition to the plus points mentioned above, there are a few more advantages to having a podcast as a business. We will explain a few of them below:

1. A podcast gives a unique insight into the company
You make your podcast and you can make it just the way you want it. By this, we mean that you can put your company mission and vision originally. This keeps you unique compared to all other marketing tools and podcasts. Also, this way new potential employees and customers can get to know your company in an accessible way, ideal right?

2. Broaden your network with a podcast
Inviting guest speakers is a great way to broaden your network easily. For example, you can interview an expert from your field. This is very instructive for yourself and, more importantly, for your listeners. Because you can invite new guests every time , you create diversity within your podcast show and you also create a bigger reach. Because the network of your guests will also listen to your podcast, so win-win!

3. You can listen to a podcast anytime, anywhere
Perhaps the biggest advantage, you can constantly reach your target group. They can listen to the podcast whenever and wherever they want. Because of this, the listeners can easily combine it with another activity. This makes it easy for them to listen to your podcast show.

So, why should you, as a company, have your own podcast?

– You involve your customers in your business in an original way
– By inviting guests you easily broaden your network
– A podcast attracts new potential customers
– Listening to a podcast is very accessible

And in addition to all the above points, it is also very affordable and fun to do!

So, after reading this blog, are you ready to leave an extra impression, and show your company from a different side? Then email us directly at sayhello@zoinks.nl We’ll be happy to help you develop, produce and publish your company podcast with our podcast services.