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– An exclamation of surprise or shock.

Popularized by the American cartoon Scooby-Doo. Regularly said by the fictional character Shaggy. For example: ‘Zoinks, a ghost!’

– An exclamation of
surprise or shock.

Popularized by the American cartoon Scooby-Doo. Said by Shaggy. For example: ‘Zoinks, a ghost!’

About our company

We get all the eyeballs focused on your brand

About - Zoinks

In this digital mobile world, everyone is fighting for eyeballs on an ever expanding list of platforms. How do you stand out and capture your audience? Who is your audience anyway? What is your story? How do you get the most effective campaigns?

Brands are always promosing things ‘now’. But none of their promises actually means ‘now’ — they’re merely the beginning of a tedious consumer journey.

Zoinks! takes you on a strategic and creative journey. We’re all about helping you get more eyes on your brand. We mesmerize your audience with kick-ass creatives, and a kick-ass digital campaign. We inspire, we connect, we activate. We sell and we stand for privacy. 

Founder - Zoinks

About our founder

It is time to stand out with cool campaigns

I’m Tjarda! Mind-blown by the power of marketing platforms like Google Ads, Google analytics and Facebook to find the right audiences.

What’s not cool is that you are tracked everywhere and there was nothing even the agencies cared about. I find it just messy, neither transparent nor efficient enough – after all those shiny numbers are misleading if you don’t generate any leads or sales.

Big data, tracking, profiling and algorithms… marketing lost its spark. Campaigns are losing their effect. It is time to stand out, to do things differently. To do things right. Zoinks! makes digital campaigns cool again. Striking, highly effective campaigns. We tell the honest story. We deliver with balls and brutality.

Meet our team

You might talk to us more often than your own family. We like short lines of communication, would rather consult once too often than too little and are available for you 24/7. Really, try to call us at night 😉

Tjarda Polderman - Zoinks

Tjarda Polderman
– Founder

Megan Graves - Zoinks

Megan Graves
– Digital Marketeer

Awesome clients

“I really enjoy working with Zoinks. Tjarda is resourceful, clever and experienced. With all her skills, she makes the impossible possible."
Ranan Branbergen - Zoinks
Ranan Branbergen
Sales & Marketing Dataprovider
“Zoinks is as dedicated to what we do as we are. It's great to have a partner we can rely on. Zoinks is a full part of our team and very valuable to us.”
Ype Oldenhuis - Zoinks
Ype Oldenhuis
Sales Development Agrifac